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Affordable Counselling Collab

"We are here to help, you don't have to do this alone."

As mental health professionals, we at Insight-Online realize that many Canadians face financial barriers to being able to access mental health support. Considering the rising cost of living, housing costs, and increased grocery bills, to name only a few issues individuals and families are dealing with post-pandemic (and are still occurring), we offer you counselling and psychotherapy services from pre-qualified and newly qualified psychotherapists at affordable rates. 


Our supervised Pre-Qualified and Qualifying Professional Program allows you to attain the services of a knowledgeable therapist for issues such as anxiety, depression, grief/loss, life transitions, stress, and relationship issues, to name only a few. Our affordable collab allows you to work with a therapist supervised by a psychotherapist registered with the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario, who holds a PhD and is an Associate Professor in Psychotherapy at Wilfrid Laurier University. You, your therapist, and their supervisor work collaboratively to offer you high-quality care at reasonable rates. Sessions for individual therapy are charged on a sliding scale, depending on your therapist's expertise and budget. We will never ask you about your finances; just let us know what you can afford within that fee range.
Affordable Therapy by Interns and Pre-Qualified Professionals rates are up to $80 dollars (+HST) per session (Therapists are in the final leg of their Master's Psychotherapy/Counselling Program and are supervised by a Clinical Supervisor who has extensive training and experience and is Registered with the College of Psychotherapists). Our Pre-Qualified Professionals are highly skilled in many aspects of Mental Health. However, specific supports some clients require are beyond their scope of practice.
1) Immediate or emergency crisis interventions and support.
2) Severe psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia, dissociative, or psychosis disorders.
3) Active Addictions involving daily reliance on substances.
If any of these apply to your situation, please seek support from a Qualified Professional Or Fully Qualified Professional. This ensures we find the best match for your needs.

How It Works



Please complete the Humanity Quiz so we can learn more about you and consider the best support for your mental health needs and budget.



Once we review your Quiz, you will meet with your virtual therapist to confirm that you are a good fit for each other.


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Start working with your therapist to begin your journey towards improved mental health and well-being.

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