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Services and Affordable Counselling

Counselling, Psychotherapy & Neuropsychotherapy for Individuals

Neuropsychotherapy and Neuropsychoanalysis are talk-based forms of therapy based on the assumption that our brains and neural connections are plastic and thus, can be changed during the psychotherapeutic process. Often, past losses, wounds, and traumas are stored in our bodies and brains leading us to maintain difficult patterns of behaviour and thoughts and feelings that keep us stuck, leading to depression, anxiety and other forms of suffering.



Neuropsychotherapy integrates the physiological and psychological so that a fully holistic form of healing can occur. This process is done by experiencing feelings in real time while being mindful of the physiological reactions that may occur within the body. As clients put words to their emotional and physical feelings in a safe space, they bring unconscious automatic and uncontrolled thoughts, feelings, and behaviours into awareness. This results in more control over one’s thoughts and behaviours, a more highly developed sense of self-understanding and empathy, and enhanced emotional control or regulation. Click here for more information on this form of therapy and brain-based trauma support.


Counselling, Psychotherapy, Affordable Counselling & Supervision
Are you stressed, exhausted, or like you are just going through the motions of your life? Has the pandemic played a role in driving you to re-evaluate your priorities? Anxiety, depression, or feelings of overwhelm may be at play and you may feel like you want a safe space to assess how you got to where you are today. I can create a safe virtual space to explore your emotions and lived experiences. Being trained in Contemporary Relational Psychoanalysis, Counselling, and Psychotherapy, I offer a framework for you to explore your emotional needs, attachment styles, and any struggles rooted in interpersonal connections. Relationships, whether they be with friends, work colleagues, family members, or romantic partners are complex and are so important.  Understanding the ties that bind our past and present relationships can help relieve stress and distress in our personal and professional connections.  I can assist you with the following areas in your life:


Are you struggling in some of your relationships? We can explore your romantic partners, friendships, family connections, or workplace relationships with an eye toward boundary setting, strengthening intimacy and attachments, or working through relationship loss. Click here for more information on couple counselling and Click here for more on workplace/career support.

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Anxiety, Depression, Grief

Are you feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, sad, fearful, stuck or on autopilot in your life? We can assess the root of these feelings and work through them to attain relief. Loss and bereavement are normal parts of life, I can walk beside you on this journey and can also support you through life, career & relationship transitions.

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Stress & Coping

Are you feeling stressed, exhausted, burned out, and run down? Have you been exposed to trauma through your work as a front-line healthcare professional? Mindfulness-based stress reduction and self-care approaches can help with this alongside our relational work together. Click here for more info on trauma-informed coaching/counselling.

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Family Issues

Early childhood trauma, also known as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), relating to childhood issues, abuse, neglect, or feelings of abandonment can leave us struggling in our current relationships.  I can help you to work through some of these family-of-origin issues so your current life and relationships can be more peaceful, meaningful, and empowering.

Click here for more on ACEs.


Family Dinner


I can also support you with family & caregiver stress. Are you supporting others and not taking care of yourself? Have you lost yourself? Are you a caregiver to someone with a disability, or are you living in the sandwich generation, caring for aging parents and your own children at the same time? I have professional and personal experience in these areas and can walk by your side to support you as you navigate these challenges.

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Spiritual & Existential

I teach in the spiritual care and psychotherapy program at Wilfrid Laurier University (Martin Luther University College) thus, I can support you with meaning-making, re-defining your purpose in life, spiritual or religious trauma, or finding your own spiritual identity.

Rock Balancing


Are you an executive, front-line worker, therapist, medical professional, or academic looking for support as you journey through your career? Do you give so much to others, there is little left for yourself? Are your burnt out, exhausted, and feel work is impacting your personal life, family, and relationships? Click here to learn more about therapist/coaching.

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Clinical Supervision

I have been supervising practicum students at Wilfrid Laurier University in Luther's Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy Program since 2017.  I am qualified as a clinical supervisor through the CRPO. I work with students, RPQs, and fully qualified therapists looking for clinical consultation. I work from a feminist, multi-cultural, and psychodynamic framework emphasizing transference and the use of self in therapy.

Click Here to learn more about RP supervision.

Click Here to learn about our Internship and Practicum Program


Affordable Counselling

As mental health professionals we at Insight Online realize that many Ontarians face financial barriers to being able to access mental health support. Considering the rising cost of living, housing costs, and increased grocery bills, to name only a few issues individuals and families are dealing with post-pandemic (and are still occurring), we offer you counselling and psychotherapy services from pre-qualified and newly qualified psychotherapists at affordable rates. Click here to learn more about our affordable rates program

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