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Working from Home

Professional, Personal, & Academic Support

But Why Seek a Therapist-Coach?

Are you an executive, front-line worker, therapist, medical professional, or academic looking for support as you journey through your career? Do you give so much to others, there is little left for yourself? Has the pandemic left you feeling burned out, exhausted, or like your career is impacting all aspects of your life and relationships? Are you too exhausted when you return home from work to do the hobbies or activities you once did? For 10 years I taught and facilitated courses in psychology, trauma-informed self-care, and crisis intervention to police officers in training.  I have worked with front-line workers, business executives, medical professionals, and EMTs, to explore meaning-making and fulfilment in their lives as we move into the third year of the pandemic.







I am a Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator  through Brené Brown's Dare to Lead Leadership Program and my goal in working with you as a therapist-coach is to allow you to assess the context of your current personal and professional experiences and relationships, so you can make changes toward a more fulfilling, balanced, and meaningful life and career. We can also discuss any life-long patterns that may be at play and I can facilitate the creation of goals, action plans, and ways to meet and achieve your desired goals. This type of work done by a psychotherapist also qualities for insurance plans that cover visits to a Registered Psychotherapist. 


Some of the Most Common Reasons Professionals Seek a Therapist-Coach:

  • Relationship challenges due to work and life being out of balance

  • Collegiality and interpersonal relationships at work

  • Self-esteem, confidence, and feelings of Inadequacy at work

  • Depression, anxiety, feelings of sadness, and emptiness due to job stress

  • Guilt or shame around feeling like you are not good enough

  • Stress reduction and management

  • Life or career/position transitions

  • Burn-out

  • You may have a PhD but are considering leaving academia for
    other opportunities OR don't want to enter academia

  • Professional and personal identity exploration

  • The impact of trauma, moral Injury, and post-traumatic stress

      for front-line workers

  • Exploring your own post-traumatic resilience

  • Overthinking patterns, feelings of being overwhelmed,

       difficulty making decisions

  • Substance use due to increased work stress

  • Professional and/or workplace challenges and work-life balance

  • Termination

  • Meaning-making in your career

  • Addiction and compulsive Behaviours as coping strategies

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What is Therapist-Coaching?

Therapy, also called counselling or psychotherapy is a process where the client works with a healthcare professional to help resolve challenging beliefs, thoughts, behaviours, relationship issues, feelings and sometimes physical (anxiety) responses. Therapy can focus on family-of-origin issues to repair and improve current relationships and work through painful feelings, including grief, loss, anxiety, and depression. In this sense, therapy focuses on introspection, analysis, and life-pattern exploration, with the hope of resolving past issues to make the present and the future more healthy and positive. But coaching by a therapist-coach does have some therapeutic elements to it.




















As a therapist-coach, I will work with you to clarify your professional goals, identify obstacles to finding joy in your work, and explore any problematic emotions/behaviours that may be affecting your career. We can explore the connections between your work and your life and consider what emotional support you need to deal with the stress of your job. I specialize in working with professionals and front-line workers who may have experienced trauma (see link here to trauma). But I also work with academics who are wanting to leave academia to see what other careers might be possible.

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